Jane The Virgin: Season 1

Jane the Virgin is an all new and original series that has captivated the hearts of hundreds of people. This gem of a TV show has so many aspects that have never been seen together; romance, murder, love triangles, telenovela vibe, a tender-loving family, notorious drug dealer and that’s only scrapping the surface.  This comedy-drama follows the life of a bright young woman who is accidentally artificially inseminated and oh did I mention shes still a virgin? Jane (Gina Rodriguez) is a high-achieving college student who pays the bills by waitressing at a wealthy Miami resort. She has a handsome and ridiculously patient boyfriend, Michael, that she hasn’t has sex with in the two years that they’ve been dating. Jane is blessed to be apart of a very loving family however every family has it’s “uniqueness”.

Graphic from IMDb.
Jane, a virgin gets accidentally artificially inseminated. Graphic from IMDb.

Young Jane lives with her very religious abuela (Ivonne Coll) and not so religious mother (Andrea Navedo). So how do these influential women tie into Jane’s abstinence? Her abuela gave Jane an intense talk (Two words: Wilted Flower) about waiting until marriage and her mother’s free spirit only solidified what Jane’s abuela said. Jane’s life was going according to plan until she went for a routine check up and came out artificially inseminated. Now hold on to your heads here, the sperm belonged to Rafael who just so happens to be the sexy man Jane shared a kiss with a few years prier and did I mention he is her new boss? Complicated? Oh it gets better. The guilty doctor is Rafael’s sister and the the sperm was originally suppose to go to Rafael’s gold digging wife who is being investigated by guess who? Yup. Micheal. Jane’s cop boyfriend. Now this complicated cake would not be finished with out the very large cherry on top. Jane’s real father is the star of her favorite telenovela, The Passion of Santos. However, her mother neglected to tell Jane that important tibet. A lot going on in one show, right?

Jennie Snyder Urman is the talented show runner for Jane the Virgin. She effortlessly strings together all theses plots into one while still making it easy to follow. One creative way she does this is by using a telenovela styled narrator who gives humorous input on each character. This show has a lot of twists and turns that keeps the audience intrigued throughout the 22 episodes. The plot gets thicker and thicker as each episode ends and it never leaves the audience unsatisfied. The character’s gain new dimensions that make them more complex and interesting. Character’s originally disliked by the audience are later loved as more details come into light. This show is filled with jaw-dropping, heart warming, and head spinning moments that makes it’s almost impossible to wait another week for a new episode.