Get the Tattoo for YOU

I enjoy saying that I am tatted-cubed for two reasons –because I have 3 tattoos, and because I’m kind of lame like that.

I have been lucky enough to be a part of two of my favorite people’s first tattoos – my long-term boyfriend and one of my best friend, hers being the most recent.

Bestie tattoos. Graphic from Pinterest
Bestie tattoos. Graphic from Pinterest

While I understand that some people hate the permanent aspect of tattoos because they simply cannot understand the concept of permanently inking one’s body, I hope to shine some light on that opinion.

Even though most people who get tatted choose items that are meaningful to them, some get silly, cute tattoos … which is COMPLETELY okay.

Tattoos are memories.

Pro-tattoo people realize that while our little strawberry tat might not be truly meaningful in the long run, it’s meaningful to us. Every tattoo represents a part of our life at some point.

You don’t need to ask, “What does that mean? Well, how does that pertain to you? What do your parents think? Do you realize that it’s permanent? ”

I can assure you that we know what our tattoo means to us. It definitely DOES pertain to us since it’s on our body., Our parents may or may not agree but again, it’s OUR body– and DUH, we know it’s permanent. That was kind of the point.

When people get tattoos, we get them for us, not you or him or her or them.

Tattoos represent memories, individuality, experiences – all incredibly beautiful things.

And it is important that other people realize that our bodies are OUR bodies and we can do with them what we please.