Highlanders Anonymous: College is hard

“Why is college so hard?”

Photo of student Hannah Syke. Photo By: Hannah Mowery.

College is hard because, suddenly, you become fully responsible for your education. You need to learn to take care of yourself. This means scheduling your own doctors’ appointments and making sure to budget your money so that you’ll have enough to eat for the whole month. College takes a huge toll if you’re unable to keep up with your new responsibilities. However, you also get to take full credit for everything you do once you get to college.

“How do I tell my girlfriend that I need some space without making her mad?”

You know your girlfriend best. If you think she’ll get mad that you need some alone time, then maybe you need to reevaluate your relationship. We’re all entitled to our own privacy and peace. If someone can’t compromise or be understanding, then they’re the ones with a problem.

“Where’s the best place to study on campus?”

There are so many places on campus that are good for studying! It really depends on where’s most convenient for you. Usually lounges don’t work so well though, because there’s constant foot traffic that can be really distracting.

My top three buildings for studying are the Bonnie, Young Hall, and McConnell Library. First, the Bonnie is a heavily visited area because of the food and SOAR office. The top floor is fairly quiet and is equipped with two rows of computers and a printer. There are many tables, chairs, and couches, so it’s great for group studying and projects.

Second, I would recommend Young Hall. Young has four stories of various studying and lounging areas.If one place there isn’t working for you, little nooks with chairs and small tables can provide cozy and private studying areas–but make sure you don’t fall asleep!

Third is McConnell Library. The first place you think of to study is generally the library. Many specialists there are more than willing to help you with research projects and materials. Tables and areas throughout the building let you actually speak at a normal volume and work on group projects.