Destination relax

The flip flops have officially resurfaced on campus. That’s got every student thinking about one thing: summer vacation. Although summer vacation is a time of relaxing and recuperating, sometimes it’s hard not to just sleep and become permanently attached to the couch over those three upcoming months. So, what does Virginia have to offer you this summer?

A dip in the water will do you some good on  hotter summer . Just remember to drink plenty of water if you’re hiking to it. Cascades Recreation Trail is a great place that’s close. It’s only a two mile hike to the chilly waterfall and is a popular destination for locals and college students. Some other places you can check out are Lake Moomaw, Cave Springs, and Fairy Stone.

Personally, I’ve been to Lake Anna. It’s in a very quiet, nice, and clean area. There are some fun things to do for kids and you can walk all the way around the lake. There are nice trails and walking areas surrounding it. Harpers Ferry has a nice river and is a hot spot for hiking. The town has a very historic and rustic atmosphere. It’s definitely a great place for a day trip of hiking, fishing, feeding geese, wading in the river, and watching  trains go by.

Another destination is the Shenandoah Valley. You can camp by the Shenandoah River at night and hop in your kayak in the morning. The river has some frequent cow visitors, but the experience is great. Just make sure to go when the river level is at the right height. has some great suggestions for you this summer. It lists 13 awesome different camping sights, which include: Camp Outback, Outlanders River Camp, and Lewis Mountain Campground at Luray.

Photo by: Sydney Crawson