Chasing Life Season One

ABC Family brings forward a new plot. “Chasing Life” is centered around 24-year-old April Carver (Italia Ricci). April is an ambitious young woman who works hard to get what she wants. She has an entry-level reporting job at the Boston Post, where she makes little money and earns no recognition. Yet she uses these setbacks as obstacles to triumph over. April decides to use a hospital blood drive in order to get access to a possible lead. After giving blood, April passes out cold. Coincidentally, April’s estranged uncle George (Steven Weber) is an oncologist at the same hospital. Without April’s permission, he tests April’s blood and diagnoses her with leukemia. The television show follows April’s life after her diagnosis, and cancer is not the only bomb dropped in her lap. From juggling two boyfriends to her dead father’s love child, this show never has a dull moment.

Chasing Life Cast. Graphic from Backstage
Chasing Life Cast. Graphic from Backstage

“Chasing Life” isn’t just about cancer. Yes, cancer rears its ugly head every episode, but the show adds more dimensions to its plot. April is making headway in her new job and begins a steamy flirtation with a ridiculously handsome entertainment writer named Dominic (Richard Brancatisano). If that wasn’t enough, her family just lost her father, and now she must tell them that she’s dying as well. No one can blame the girl for wanting to keep this life-changing event to herself for a bit. Unfortunately, cancer waits for no one. As this tragedy comes to light, April has to deal with the aftermath which sets her life down a path she never planned for. Along the cancer path, April meets Leo, who’s suffering from cancer. There’s undeniable chemistry between the two, which puts April in the most complicated love triangle ever seen on television. Now for the love child! April’s father had a love affair which resulted in the creation of Natalie, who’s only a bit younger than April (Jessica Meraz). Completely unaware of Natalie’s existence, April stumbles upon her at her father’s grave. April’s life is completely turned upside down and shaken for good measure, yet April still manages to summon enough strength to see her through.

“Chasing Life” isn’t just a story about cancer. It’s about the life of a woman who has everything to lose and refuses give a single thing up. This show doesn’t butter cancer up. People die and others get cancer again. It’s April’s fighting spirit that keeps us hooked to the screen instead of looking for yet another box of tissues.



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