It’s Such a Beautiful Day review

“It’s Such a Beautiful Day” has done something few things can – its held my attention.

Sure, the film is a quaint 62 minutes and yes it’s a downright absurdist film, but damn it I am enamored.

After watching it for the first time I gave 30 minutes to chew on what I’d just watched before diving back into its beautiful depths. The day after I couldn’t help but rant and rave over its brilliance: the subtly of things that happen in life, the beauty in everything.

Don’t be fooled by my (nearly) over zealous praise; “It’s Such a Beautiful Day” has some dark nihilistic moments. This movie is for those with a craving for a philosophical and psychological plot. This isn’t mindless entertainment this is life.

Released in its entirety in 2012 “It’s Such a Beautiful Day” is composed of three chapters. All three sections focus on the life of a guy named Bill. Plot twist: Bill is essentially a stick figure.



A style that speaks only to the present but with a meaning that says everything exists all at once.