Now you get an “F”!

You crane your neck around to track the movements of the stack of papers. You wait anxiously until the sheet of paper lands on your desk, your fate scrawled across its top in red ink. Such is the life of a student; whether that ink is on paper or a neat script online, it stings the same when you see a low grade. For your whole career as a student, there’s nothing you can do except give your all to avoid a devastating blow like that.


Now the teacher gets the F. Graphic by Katie Gibson
Now the F is on you. Graphic by Katie Gibson

That’s what we all used to think, but there’s more that we can do now to save others from that cruelty– the internet. We use it everyday without realizing how much power we have at our fingertips. I don’t mean that we should be using the internet to cheat, but rather, to life-hack. A life hack is “a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.” The adaptation is the key in this definition.

Now we are capable of communicating with our peers through Most people have heard of this, but are you doing your part? Are you taking the time and effort to write a thoughtful review of your professors so that you can inform your peers of what’s to come? You’ve got a responsibility here. If you access ratemyprofessor, it’s your duty to write reviews of your professors too!

If you’re unfamiliar with ratemyprofessors, it’s a very easy to use website. The home page lets you chose either “Find a Professor,” “Find a School,” or “Rate a Professor.” Students use this website to give their opinions on a professor that they’ve had and see what others have also had to say about them.

They’re rated on overall quality, helpfulness, and clarity. Some of the categories don’t add to the total score of the professor, but give some additional helpful feedback on how a class with that professor would be. Those categories are: easiness, interest level, textbook use, average grade, and even professor hotness! The professor’s hotness is shown with a little chili pepper icon.