Radford outdoorsy things

As you already know, Radford is an absolutely beautiful place. I love it here. I have to say I’m a little biased because I love the mountains(growing up surrounded by them will do that to you), but Radford is different than where I’m from. eing in the valley gives us a lot of opportunities to be outdoors, hike, swim, and explore. I love discovering new places and things to do. I get that Radford is just a little town to some of you, but it truly has some great places to go relax, hike, or just adventure around that.

Bisset Park: I know, how “adventurous” — but there’s a lot to do there. You can always take a walk on the trail, explore down the river, or even float when the weather’s nice. Trust me, floating down that river isn’t only relaxing but a ton of fun with a group of your friends. They also have pavilions and fire pits available — and who doesn’t love a good fire and some roasted marshmallows or s’mores?

Wildwood Park: The little park across the street from the entrance of Bisset, right behind National Bank. This is more of a little “hiking” place. It has some great trails, although fairly short; it gives a great view of Radford and it’s the perfect excuse to get out of the apartment and away from classwork for a little while. There’s a little bridge and a lot of nature to see in the middle of this small, beautiful city.

Roanoke Star: I know this one’s a little further away being in Roanoke but it’s such a neat place up on Mill Mountain. From the Star, you can see basically all of Roanoke. I’ve never been there at night but I bet it would be beautiful! There’s a live action camera, so you can tell your friends or family about the website and they can actually see you while you are there! http://www.starcityradio.com/roanokestar.html

Radford student, Alan Ward, hiking the Cascades

The Cascades: Although this is the furthest of my little adventures, I promise it’s worth it. The hike up is so beautiful. You can rest on giant rocks, take a picnic, and you can even jump in right in front of the big falls. The Cascades can be a 2 mile hike (the long way) or a 15 minute walk (the short way). I suggest doing one way up and the other way down to get the entire experience. I have also been told it’s gorgeous in the winter (it’s on my bucket list before graduation)!

So even though we just happen to be in the little town of Radford, there are some beautiful places surrounding us outdoors and you can do something at all of them every season! Next time you’re looking for a reason to get out of the apartment or take a break from work, try visiting one of these beautiful places!