If you liked it then you should’ve put a label on it

Beyonce knows you should've put a label on it. Graphic by Katie Gibson
Beyonce knows you two should figured your relationship status out. Graphic by Katie Gibson

Have you ever tried to explain to a parent or anyone over the age of 30 the incredibly ridiculous gray line between “talking” and “dating”? Or how about the embarrassing moment when someone says to you, “OMG, you and your boyfriend are so cute!”, and instead of saying thanks because you know she has seen the endless snapchats of you two together (because even if you’re not “dating” him you wouldn’t want anyone to think they could be) you have to get into a drawn out conversation on why you’re “talking” and how “dating” could just make things much too complicated.

You already spend every waking moment together, every other Instagram post is a pic of y’all, the world knows you’re fighting because of the twitter sub-tweets, and if they DARED talk to another girl it would be SO OVER (besides the 104 other times that its happened but you forgave him.) Putting the label “Dating” and doing exactly what you are already doing would somehow complicate our entire life and send our relationship into a downward spiral of hell.

How long does “talking” last? Do you buy each other Christmas presents when you’re “talking?” How soon do they meet the parents? Do they meet the parents? Are they actually capable of being monogamous if their Facebook status says “Single”? When is Facebook going to get a “Barbie is ‘TALKING’ to Ken since August 2015” option? There are so many questions with no answers.

Is “talking” just a defense mechanism against getting your heart broken? Does ending things after 2 months of “talking” hurt any less than 2 months of dating? To one party in the relationship, the “talking” stage is already a commitment. They’re tied down and they wouldn’t want to hurt that other person. On the other hand though, the second person might see it as an excuse not to be committed. If there is no label are there really any rules?

The vague standards set for “talking” are an uncomfortable place to be in. When your entire relationship isn’t even a “real” relationship things can get really messy. If you like it, then you should put a label on it.