Precautions of technology

Technology has become such an important aspect in our society. From being able to make a simple phone call to your mother while you’re at school, to being able to find any piece of information we can think of. We take such great advantage of the way the world has advanced, and while it truly is a wonderful thing, we can sometimes abuse it.

Everywhere we go, we can see someone whose mind is totally consumed in their phone. Walking down the streets, in class, and even on the road. It has gotten to the point where some people don’t even know how to talk to people unless they’re doing it over the phone. Others have even invested in them so much, that ultimately, it took their lives.

online hacker
Photo by: Danielle Johnson Student shown: Chris Cromartie

Recall back in the day, before we all had cell phones, when we would all have to make plans at school to hang out later that day. Or when we would pass notes and hope our teacher wouldn’t catch us and make us read it in class. Imagine what it would be like if we could go back to living that way.

Do you ever wonder if technology could become so advanced that it could potentially corrupt our society? Or has it already? Hackers are becoming more skilled in what they do. They can hack into just about anything, from it being your social media accounts, to your cameras on your phones and computers, to even accessing children’s games to gather information. Be cautious when it comes to what you view online. We should be wary of links we aren’t sure of. Parents, and older siblings, should watch out for what games you let your kids play.

Hackers can get into those things and gather your information while your child thinks it’s a game. Keep anti-virus installed and do regular scans. Some hackers, however, can break through your firewalls, but everyone needs to be cautious and maybe even consider putting tape over your web cams.

While technology can be fun and interesting, just always take precaution in what you do. Know which sites and apps are safe, and stay away from dangerous sites and links. Enjoy this technological revolution while its here, but always remember to take the safety precautions.