Ways to destress during the first semester of college

Having control of your work can make a whole lot of difference in your stressful college life. First semester can be chaotic because you’re starting new, and you don’t know what you have to face and the upcoming challenges are just going to get harder. Many students say the first semester is easy, at the beginning you put yourself out there but then you have to maintain good grades, keeping up with assignments, clubs or other outside activities. The key to having a more stress-free semester is to organize your work.

tea not blurry
“A piece of advice for everyone is to do what pleases you, which helps you relax.”

Don’t put work off! Doing things on the day you get it is the best way to stay organized and not be overwhelmed by all the work piling up and set a goal for yourself each night. If you accomplish all the work you have set for yourself in one night, don’t try to overdo yourself and do more. Relax, breathe and take time for yourself. Understand that everything can’t be done within one day. Another important thing to do is to keep an agenda. Try to stay on top of things by being punctual. School shouldn’t be stressful and only you can have full control over that.

Some things you can do to destress include doing things you enjoy more often. Talk with your friends, go watch a movie, read your favorite book again, or try new places on campus you haven’t been to yet. Basically, do anything non-educational.

Also, one more thing that works great is to get enough sleep. Staying up all night is a deadly sin if you have an 8 am the next day. You’ll be much happier and energetic in class if you receive at least 6-8 hours of sleep each night.

Every student has a different way to destress in college and they have different goals, not everyone will be on the same education boat. A piece of advice for everyone is to do what pleases you, which helps you relax. Listen to music while studying, or go to the library for quiet, just set your mind free.