Pick Up A Book Instead Of The Remote

book or remote
Photo By: Danielle Johnson. Student: Tia Strickland

Most people in college don’t just pick up a book for fun anymore. Between textbooks and study guides no one wants to read a book after all of their schoolwork. Most people relax by watching Netflix or TV but a good alternative is reading.

It may sound crazy to some but if you find a book you actually enjoy and are interested in then reading can be a great escape from a hectic life. Books serve as an outlet from the real world and let you live in someone else’s life for a while.

Books, if you pick the right one for you, can be just like watching a television show or series except you get to imagine it yourself. At first, it might be hard to actually pick up a book instead of binge watching your favorite series on Netflix. Once you get into your book you will soon realize you would rather read it than watch anything.

Reading also gives you some peace and quiet while telling you a story. Another reason to read a book every now and then would be to compare it to the movie made after it. Normally, the book is way better so you would be getting the better interpretation of the story by choosing to read. Some people say they know they would not like reading for fun but how would they know if they’ve never tried?

If someone gets the right book they will most likely enjoy it and want to keep reading it to see what happens or how it turns out. It’s just like picking out a series to watch on TV; everyone looks for a plot he or she’ll be interested in.

In conclusion, when you have free time, choose to pick up a book instead of the remote and you will soon grow to love reading. Escape your crazy world for a few hundred pages and free your imagination.