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The new “News” app On the iPhone

Apple recently released a new software update, which made a few minor changes to our familiar iPhones. For one, the text font is different and it is possible to switch between apps a lot easier now. However, the big change that I noticed was the new app added to our phones: the news app. At first I didn’t think about using this app but I decided to snoop around and see what it was ad I’m glad I did. The news app lets you select anything you can think of (food, traveling, every-day life, etc.) and personalize it to news appyour liking.

When you open the app it shows an endless amount of articles about the stuff you were interested in. It provides a list of articles about recipes, traveling, sports games, political news, animal news, and so much more. Anything you could want to know about is right there in an app instead of Google searching and different news updates.

The app has seasonal options, too, such as fall food ideas or Halloween costume ideas that you can go back and delete off your news feed when the season passes. This is something very useful and convenient that has been added to our already intelligent and capable phones.

I use the app to get easy recipes, look at movie reviews, catch up on celebrity gossip, and get my daily dose of real world news. The app is a great addition to the iPhone that many people will get a lot of use out daily. This app could be for any age because it lets you customize what you want to read about. The app could let a middle-aged man read the political news but also let his 16-year-old daughter read about the celebrity gossip.

Overall, the new “news” app has proved itself worthy in I’m sure not only my book!