Five of the biggest problems that all writers face

When you think of “writing problems” everyone jumps straight to writer’s block. While writer’s block is a huge problem, it’s certainly not the only one that writers face when trying to complete a project. Here are some serious struggles that writers have to deal with.

1) Character names.

Coming up with unique and catchy character names is nearly impossible. Names are either too common or you know someone in your life with a name you like. You can’t name the love interest of your story after the guy you sit next to in math class. What if he takes that to mean you have a crush on him? At the same time, you want to set your character apart from the rest. That’s why names like “Hermione”, “Katniss”, and “Tris” work perfectly. It takes hours of scrolling through names on to find the perfect fit.

2) Knowing only one part of the story.

This is especially prevalent with novelists. You figure out the characters and the background and the PERFECT plot twist….but the rest of the story is a complete mystery to you. It’s the world’s biggest frustration.

Photo By: Danielle Johnson. Student: Destini Newman

3) Distractions.

You finally get a chance to sit down and be alone and write and then…your roommates walks in, your significant other comes home and wants to talk about their day, your phone starts blowing up with phone calls and texts from friends. You can never have enough love in your life, but for the LOVE OF GOD LET ME HAVE MY WRITING TIME.

4) Emotional attachments.

You knew you wanted to kill that one character before you even started writing the story. But now you’ve written them a rich backstory and an epic romance and you have feel like this character is your kid so when it comes time to do them in….it’ll leave you in almost as much emotional turmoil as you would have if you had been the reader.

5) It doesn’t make sense.

Don’t lie, we’ve all had that one idea that sounded totally awesome in our heads, but didn’t translate to paper, leaving our readers confused. Having that seemingly great idea crumble is even more heartbreaking than killing off a beloved character.

Writing takes a lot of time and focus and energy. Luckily, the finished product is almost always worth it.