Sea of Black

One moment she was staring up into a vast sea of blue dotted with white curved shadows,

and then it went dark. Her heart swelled.

Am I awake?

This is just a dream.

Wake up!

She could still feel the soft grass on her skin. She wiggled her fingers

and then her toes.

Wake up!

A sea of black. Graphic by Katie Gibson
A sea of black. Graphic by Katie Gibson

She had to be limbering in between sleep and waking. Her body just hadn’t caught up with her brain yet.

Her fingers laced around the grass.

She wasn’t awake.

She rolled onto her stomach.

She had to be.

Her palms faced flat on the ground and she lifted herself up. Stumbled on her feet.

Wake up soon. It was a nightmare.

Maybe if she found her bed, she would wake up.

It was one of those dreams.

She put her hands out in front of her.

She knew where the door was.

She lifted one foot in front of the other.


Just a few more steps.

Her hand touched something rough and cold. It slid down until it hit a smooth round object.

She wrapped her fingers around it and turned.

Wake up!

She heard voices. All of them muffled and then they became clear.

Loud as if her senses had heightened.

“Mom!” she screamed.

Footsteps pounded on the wooden floorboards.

She reached her arms out and another set of arms caught her.

“I can’t see!” she sobbed, “I can’t see!”