Thirty Pinterest boards that everybody should have

Say what you will about Pinterest, but it’s a terrific way to share ideas and find out about new and exciting things. So many people see it as something that “basic” girls do to pass time, but really everyone should have a Pinterest account.

Making Pinterest boards encourages free thinking and creativity. It breaks down the barriers between what you can and can’t do- it’s inspiring. If you think you can’t cook, you can find millions of delicious and easy recipes. If you think you aren’t artistic, you can find step by step instructions on how to make tons of cool crafts.

While so many people write off Pinterest, it’s truly the best way to explore newfound passions and express yourself. It also allows you to meet other people who share an interest in the same things.

Although the options are endless when it comes to creating boards, there are certain boards that everyone should have from boards that will just make you smile when you’re having a bad day to boards that will inspire you to get in the kitchen and play chef or write that next bestselling novel.

Here is a list of 30 types of boards that everyone needs to create:

1) Things that make you laugh

2) Things that make you cry

3) Things that inspire you

4) Cute animals

5) Fashion

6) Places you want to travel to

7) Places you want to live

8) Recipes you want to try

9) A whole board dedicated to cupcakes

10) Books you want to read

“While so many people write off Pinterest, it’s truly the best way to explore newfound passions and express yourself.”

11) Abandoned places (they’re eerily beautiful)

12) Ideas for your dream home

13) Things that simply make you happy for no reason

14) Nature

15) Haunted places you want to go ghost hunting at

16) Favorite quotes

17) Do It Yourself (DIY) home/apartment decor

18) Food trucks you want to eat at

19) Tropical islands

20) Cityscapes

21) Best mac and cheese recipes (you can never have enough mac and cheese recipes)

22) Art

23) Conspiracy theories

24) Space

25) Cocktails

26) Party ideas

27) Organization techniques/ life hacks

28) A separate board for each of your fandoms

29) Cool inventions

30) Crafts, recipes, decorations, and ideas for every single holiday

Yes, Pinterest can be slightly ridiculous sometimes. We’ve all seen the “Pinterest fails” that occur when someone attempts to copy a professionally made recipe or craft. At the end of the day though, it’s all about improving yourself and being the best person you can be all while allowing you to express that via your boards. So no matter how you feel about Pinterest make an account and try it out!

Happy pinning!