As soon as October ends, Christmas takes over. Graphic by Katie Gibson

November means Christmastime

We’re in the beginning weeks of November; the aftermath of Halloween still hangs around in carved pumpkins and bowls filled with candy corn. After the spooky Halloween feelings fade into warm Thanksgiving feelings about halfway through the month, everyone starts to think about Christmas more. Especially as the weather shifts from crisp cool air to freezing gusts of wind nipping at noses and the leaves turn from red and droopy to brown and crunchy as they fall from the tree limbs, people start to get that holiday feeling inside them.

As soon as October ends, Christmas takes over. Graphic by Katie Gibson
As soon as October ends, Christmas takes over. Graphic by Katie Gibson

Thoughts of Christmas are among us and that means lights, decorations, and trees. November brings this cheery time of year back to the front of people’s minds and leaves the smell of pine needles fresh in their memories. It’s time to pick out a Christmas tree, whether that means picking out a real one or putting up a fake one.

Putting up a tree is one of the best feelings; seeing your reflection in the tiny glimmering christmas ornament, reminiscing when you see your old home made ornaments, and stringing tinsel across the branches and needles is a priceless activity.

November is technically the month of Thanksgiving, where people spend time with their loved ones and eat delicious food together. It’s a time where you can be thankful for everything and everyone in your life and it prepares you for the good times that are to come in December while anxiously awaiting Christmas.

November lets everyone have a literal taste of Christmas with all of the stuffing and pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving and lets them wait in excitement for December and Christmas day.

Christmas can never be celebrated too much and the best time to start is in November. This will allow you enough time so you can watch all the movies you love, eat all of the cookies you crave, and spend all of the time you look forward to with your family and friends.

To me, November means Christmastime with my loved ones, you can never get too much of a head start on Christmas!