Fall turning into Winter, chills turning into sweat


fall landscape
“Blustery winds whip at your face making it glow red and sting.”

Fall is the dominant season of October and November. However, winter creeps up on us and it starts with the morning hours of every day. Blustery winds whip at your face making it glow red and sting.

For those of you who have early classes, we have all too frequently experienced the frigid winds and frosty grass on our treks across campus.

We bundle up in thick layers to avoid the miserable chill of winter greeting us so early but come noon sweat droplets appear on our foreheads and then it hits us. Stripping down to a t-shirt, peeling off layer by layer to escape the afternoon heat that is beating down on all of our Northfaces as we try to make it from class to class or home.

You’re given strange looks from everyone who is just appearing on campus for their afternoon classes. They are all dressed accordingly and are comfortable while you’re drenched and carrying three sweatshirts attempting to make it to your desired destination. Little does everyone know you have been up for three hours and didn’t want to freeze while on your way to class earlier. Another burden of the approaching winter is the heat in classrooms.

Since it’s getting cooler outside the heat is turned on and with thirty or more kids in a classroom all of the heat and body heat combined into one big sauna. After you’ve already been sweating outside, trying to play it “cool” and make it to class on time, you’re now stuck like a bunch of sardines in a can and can’t escape the heat.

You try to pretend like you aren’t bothered by it but the heat is getting to unbearable as it forces your clothes to stick to your skin and sweat marks to appear near your underarms.

We’ve all been there, so next time you are waltzing around in Uggs and your fleece at noon when it’s almost seventy degrees, just keep in mind that you’re not alone! Always layer and hang in there until it’s fully the winter season and you can dress warm for the entire day!