Most aggravating on screen couples

Is anything worse than watching your favorite show and your dream pairing keeps playing the “Will they, won’t they” game? For every great show there is at least one couple that makes you want to rip your hair out with how complicated they make their relationship. Here are just a few of those couples:

1) Ross and Rachel from “Friends”

Everyone knows this one, but every time I re-watch this show I get mad again. I mean, come on, THEY WERE ON A BREAK!

2) Matty and Jenna from “Awkward”

“For every great show there is at least one couple that makes you want to rip your hair out.”

They hook up, they don’t get together, they get together, they break up over something dumb, someone else gets involved in the relationship and complicates things, repeat, repeat, repeat. There have been at least 10 moments in which the couple “realized” they were meant to be only to have some insignificant high school drama ruin it again. The show is entertaining but this relationship makes you think that no one in high school should ever be allowed to date.

3) Chuck and Blair from “Gossip Girl”

Yes, they ended up together but along the way you have to wonder, why they’re so hell bent on constantly screwing up their relationship? My biggest thing with this dream team is the fact that they constantly pretend to be in love with other people while cheating on those people with each other…

4) Danny and Riley from “Baby Daddy”

These best friends were obviously meant to be. Danny is completely hot and has loved Riley his whole life, even back when she was hefty and yet she is nuts about his brother. Watching this show is beyond frustrating.

5) Every relationship in “Pretty Little Liars”

When is breaking up with someone “for their own good” ever the answer? If a crazed murderer is stalking you then leave town, don’t dump the person you’re in love with!

6) Jane and Michael in “Jane the Virgin”

“Jane the Virgin” is an aggravating show for a multitude of reasons, but the worst part is the relationship between Jane and Michael. They’ve been together for over two years and are planning on getting married when the show first starts and Jane finds out she’s been accidently artificially inseminated. Despite Jane deciding to keep the random baby that got put inside her, Michael still wants to marry her and is even willing to raise the kid. This doesn’t stop Jane from dumping him for the guy whose sample was used to impregnate her even though she barely knows him.

I get the need for drama in TV shows, but it’s too frustrating when good couples are constantly on the rocks for the sake of ratings. Maybe I just shouldn’t be allowed to watch television anymore.