Easy crafts and treats to brighten your holiday season

Whether you’re looking for inexpensive yet adorable gifts to give this holiday season, or just want to spruce up your dwellings for Christmas, Pinterest is an invaluable resource. Here are some easy crafts and treats that I’ve found to brighten up your holiday season:

1) Hot Chocolate Ornaments


What you’ll need:

-Clear, plastic, fillable ornaments (they have ones that are safe for food- look for those)

-Instant hot chocolate mixes (any flavor but the website especially recommends the peppermint chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate mixes from Swiss Miss)

-add ins (sprinkles, peppermint bits, chocolate chips, etc.)

-Jet puffed marshmallow bits (will look like teeny, tiny marshmallows)


-Clean out ornament.

-Craft a funnel (you can use a plastic kitchen funnel or just printer paper or wax paper)

-Pour in hot chocolate mix first.

-Next funnel in your add ins in layers (i.e. sprinkles first, then chocolate chips, then peppermint bits)

-Lastly add the marshmallows to fill up the ornament.

These cute crafts make excellent stocking stuffers or just small gifts for friends, co-workers, or neighbors. Bonus: Dip candy canes in chocolate and give with the ornaments as delicious hot chocolate stirs.

2) Festive Mason Jars

Mason jars have become popular at weddings, parties, and now they can become part of your holiday décor.

While there are several different ways to decorate a mason jar for Christmas, here is how to make the Snowman.

What you’ll need:

-A clear mason jar

-A bag of “Frosty Snow” (can be found at most craft stores)

-Large red pom poms

-Red and white pipe cleaners

-Black buttons

-Orange air dry clay



-Glue button eyes onto jar

-Mold clay into a carrot nose and glue where the nose should be

-Next cover snowman in a thick layer of glue (get around eyes and nose but don’t get glue on them)

-Cover snowman in a thick layer of “Frosty Snow” (this is done best by rolling the snowman over “Frosty Snow” on a plate and then sprinkling “Frosty Snow” by hand to cover any holes)

-Let jar dry

-While jar dries, start making the earmuffs.

-Cut one red and one white pipe cleaner in half and twist them together. Once twisted mold into a “U” shape.

-Glue pom poms, one on each side of the lid of the jar.

-Last glue the pipe cleaner into place (one end of the pipe cleaner behind one pom pom and one behind the other)

These cute jars make excellent gifts or just a cute DIY decoration. Click on the link in the title for more patterns for your jar. Bonus: put a flameless LED candle inside your jar to make it glow.

3) Ornament Wreath


 What you’ll need:-cheap spherical Christmas ornaments (any color or design you want will work)-Styrofoam wreath ring (available at Walmart and most craft stores)

-strong glue


-Simply glue the ornaments on the wreath (make sure they are properly layered as in the pictures above for the best effect)

Get to crafting!