The Horseman

Darkness coming, on the prowl,

"A horseman of eternity" Graphic by Katie Gibson
“A horseman of eternity” Graphic by Katie Gibson

pitch-black tendrils trailing down.

Thick and full, the landscape’s cowl,

coalescing into Death’s dark gown.


He gestured gently with skeletal hand,

a horseman of eternity

When my hourglass had lost its sand,

and gone was life’s ability.


Advancing slowly he reached toward me,

ancient skull ‘neath ebony hood;

grabbing hold, he turned and took me

to a place misunderstood.


And with that came an understanding—

something not quite wrong or right.

To slake my latent fears’ demanding

he showed a distant, calming light.


So by his side I had no fear

There truly was no need.

Death visits all without a tear

Atop his great pale steed.