Misconceptions of feminism

Famous feminist, Gloria Steinem, proving women don't need a man to be successful in life. Photo from Pinterest
Famous feminist, Gloria Steinem, proving women don’t need a man to be successful in life. Photo from Pinterest

There are way too many misconceptions about feminism. Most people think that feminism means that women hate men, that want women to rule the world and for men to be our sex toys, that women want to grow all their body hair out and never shower, and the list really does go on and on.

However, that isn’t what feminism is about at all. Feminism, by definition, means “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” This means that feminists want equality between both genders, not one gender being the supreme gender. Here are the most common misconceptions about feminism.


  1. Feminists hate men


That simply isn’t true. Most people who belief this think that because the word “fem” is in the definition, that it means it’s a belief for women, and that women think men should be lesser than them. Anti-feminists think that feminists hate men because they are confused about the definition.

They think because feminists want equality, that it means we hate men and the power they’ve had since the beginning of time. That also proves that anti-feminists most likely need a refresher course on what equality means. Feminists don’t hate men. They want equality between both genders. Its simple as that.

  1. All feminists are lesbians

Well, I’m sure some feminists are lesbians but it’s not a requirement for the belief. This thought goes back to the idea that feminists hate men and we want all of them to become extinct. If you’re a lesbian, who needs men right? Wrong. Being a feminist doesn’t having anything to do with gender or sexuality. Men can be feminists! Surprise! Who would have thought that men can also want equality between both genders? Why would being a lesbian have anything to do with wanting men and women to be equal in every sense of the word? I have no idea. Once again, if you take time to look up the definition, you wouldn’t be struggling with these misconceptions.

  1. All feminists burn their bras and insists on growing out their body hair

Once again, these misconceptions are not true. Some feminists have done these things, however, it starts in the basis of women believing the should be able to do whatever they want without society telling them how to live their lives. Women have been told how to act since the beginning of time, how they should look and how they should be when around men, which is the origin of feminism and why feminists want equality between both genders.

Feminism isn’t a difficult concept to understand. If anti-feminists took the time they spend bashing feminism and creating misconceptions to look up the actual definition and research, maybe all the drama and incorrect representation would stop.

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