The Sister-Seasons

Swiftly did the faeries dance

with legs unclad and wings spread wide.

Their joy was palpable—sweet in the air

and carried with it thoughts of hope.


And with them spun the seasons’ change

Green, yellow, red and white

Like leaves, caught in winds of time

Their dresses made the folds of Earth


First leapt Spring, the youngest of them,

Graphic from Wikipedia
“Swiftly did the faeries dance.” Graphic from Wikipedia

footsteps light upon the grass.

Her touch was gentle, heart was open,

calling forth the cries of birth


While round and round did Summer spin

Wings of clouds and eyes the sun.

Her steps left gardens rich with fruit

And smile warming heart and soul


But meeker was their sister Autumn

whose dance was rather slow and sad

She feared her role in summer’s ending

stripping Earth of green and life.


Winter’s dance was quaint and peaceful

her steps leaving a blanket of white

Much like paper, fresh for a story

for Sister Spring to start anew


Together then did sisters dance,

faeries flying hand in hand

to make the world a shifting place

a home for all, shared and loved.