New Chictawga- Part Two

"He watched from his high perch the congregation of cars." Graphic from Hemmings Daily
“He watched from his high perch the congregation of cars.” Graphic from Hemmings Daily

Karen shook his head as he watched from his high perch the congregation of cars fire up their ignitions. Perhaps the change of plans was expected . . . and truly did it make the job that much more enjoyable. He and Aras had worked together inseparably for so long—to end all of that in the cleansing of this city was music to his ears.

He stood up then, allowing his gold-flaked eyes to shift back to the normal spectrum. The fog prevented any normal methods of sight, and though tiresome Karen found the concealment helpful indeed as he stepped casually from the high building rooftop upon which he had been crouched and drifted silently to the ground atop water-laden currents of air.




Mitch tugged on the bill of his baseball cap. He was always nervous when Aras was annoyed, and so when Konglan entered his Jeep’s driver’s seat and slammed the door, the young man jumped. Aras shot a look the ex-surfer’s way, the golden flakes in his amber eyes gleaming slightly brighter in the car’s low light, but quickly shifted his attention back to starting up the battered vehicle.

“Put your seatbelt on.”

“What?” Carter asked quickly.

“I said put your seatbelt on.”

“Don’t you think that’s a little—?”

“Unnecessary? No. I think I want you to be tied in when the New Chictawgwans tip this car. Maybe then you’d take them seriously.”

“Are you still steamin’ about that thing back there?”

“Oh, can you tell?”

“Alright, man. I know I should’ve come sooner, but . . . well, I . . . alright, I was scared. I didn’t know what they wanted, okay? Next thing I know you’re fightin’ one of them, and he’s screaming. I knew it wasn’t you, but that gang dude was screamin’ bloody murder, and I was scared.”

“Of me?”

“Was it you doin’ it to him?”

“No, I—no.”

“Hell yeah, I was scared. What makes a dude scream like that? When someone went under at the beach, it was always just . . . quiet. We never saw nothin’, and never heard nothin’. They just went, well, under, ya know?”

Aras sat quietly as outside the muffled sounds of car engines roared to life. Several moments passed, but just when Carter was about to speak up again the older man shook his head and started the Jeep with a twist of his fingers. “I said put your damned seatbelt on, we’re heading out.”