New Chictawga- The Finale

The flood was coming, its force greater than any that had graced the city before. Buildings creaked and cracked, their windows shattering silently against the massive wall of water. Cars were lifted like pebbles, the cleansing flood reaching into every vehicle and entering every structure to purge the hatred and sin from Chictawga.

Karen watched the spectacle with absent amusement, feeling no connection to the humans as they were sucked into the flood. He simply watched as the wave roared towards him with the howl of a hurricane, before slamming into some unseen barrier only feet away from where he stood.

The water hit and shot straight up, creating a flat wall that soared hundreds of feet into the sky, catching the tips of every last building.

He turned then, hoping to catch a glimpse of the fallen Aras. When Karen saw the body, broken and bleeding on the street, his heart gave a leap. The bothersome Aras would no longer trouble Karen’s decisions, no longer limit what he was capable of. So caught up was he that Karen failed to notice that Ariel had vanished from the scene.

“Buildings creaked and cracked, their windows shattering silently against the massive wall of water.”

Karen realized this a second later, as a hand with an iron grip closed about his throat. Ariel was standing at the warrior’s side, his arm outstretched, his golden eyes resigned yet hateful; without mercy.

“The culling call sounds same for all,” Ariel breathed, and Karen’s agonized scream was lost as the more powerful Ariel moved his arm and, keeping his vise-like grip, pushed the warrior through the wall of water.

Karen writhed with pain, his golden wings fanning out. The purging substance, water yet so much more, ate away at the immortal. His wings glowed and disintegrated, his flawless skin corroded as though by acid, and though Ariel’s arm was scoured by its insertion he held strong to the dying Karen until only ash remained of him, quickly dispersed by the rushing wave that enveloped all of Chictawga.

Ariel withdrew his arm, bone visible beneath the melted flesh, and looked up. He knew the consequences of his actions, the damning words that had been used on Aras, and now on Karen. He had killed, and the culling call sounds same for all.

With a final thought to his fallen brother, Ariel walked into the wall of cleansing water.