Letter to the Editor: Amtrak Stations

Dear Editor,


This letter is in response to the article, “Two Amtrak Station Locations Selected in Christiansburg.” I think this is an excellent idea. I do not have a car, therefore, I know the public transit system well and know it can be challenging sometimes. I think the additional public transportation like adding the two Amtrak Stations will be beneficial because there is a severe, lack of public transportation in the New River Valley.

The options that individuals have are not that reliable when trying to travel somewhere late at night or on a Sunday. Having an Amtrak stations in Christiansburg would be a beneficial aspect for the Radford University, Virginia Tech. Students, and residents of the New River Valley.  It would bring tourism to the region and gives individuals another chance to travel to the region without the hassle of driving.

It could be helpful to low-income individuals who do not have cars and would like to visit other regions in the state of Virginia. It could assist individuals on getting them to work and or offering them more job options.



Nancy Herbert