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Prove yourself

When it comes to transgender issues, the number one “problem” a transgender person shouldn’t have to deal with is proving themselves to other people. My little brother is going through these experiences right now, having to prove and explain himself to every other person and their brother because in order to get what you want as a transgender person, you have to prove that the transition is really what you want.

“What person would lie about being transgender? What benefits does that type of person receive? “

A couple weeks ago, my family and I went to an endocrinologist, a doctor who deals with hormones, and is the doctor that approves or denies the distribution of HRT, or hormone replacement therapy. It’s a drug that, depending on one’s situation, will lower the rate at which testosterone or estrogen is expelled throughout the body. In order to begin this processes, my little brother has to prove himself to the doctor, has to explain and make her believe that he is truly transgender, that he isn’t mentally unstable or lying about what he wants. What person would lie about being transgender? What benefits does that type of person receive? Obviously, it’s a serious worry that doctors have but I find it hard to believe that it occurs regularly.

I understand that doctors and specialists want to be cautious about moving forward with a treatment that is potentially irreversible; however, at some point, it gets condescending and inappropriate when continuously questioning someone’s authentic self.

I’m sure it makes it harder to come out because you’re immediately hit with questions implying that you don’t know what you want, that “you have to be extremely sure about this” before moving forward. Don’t you think that a transgender person would be sure about themselves before even telling anyone in the first place?

Having to prove yourself to random strangers is unfair and condescending, but necessary to get what a transgender person wants, which is to be able to be their authentic self, to be who they’ve always known they’ve been inside. In the end, all of the formalities are irrelevant as long as their happiness is retrieved after all of the struggling and heartache. Let people be who they want to be without the hassle.