Into the Light

It started with a buzz that rang through my head,

Forcing my mind to race.

Pain behind eyes turning everything red,

Memories losing their grace.


Sight slowly dimmed as my mind grew nigh,

Into the light. Graphic from Pinterest
Into the light. Graphic from Pinterest

And the world was lost to sight.

I hadn’t a clue as to the clause of why,

When my day turned to night.


Lost in the dreams of deep, deep sleep,

I thought about days gone by,

Little did I know of how much they’d weep,

After my soul rose to the sky.


Awakened anew I opened my eyes,

Though sight was slightly blurred.

I looked back to where my body lay,

And saw it did not stir.


Then music did rise, a sound so sweet,

Something born of love.

Filling my ears as I rose from the street,

A calling from above.


Letting go, I allowed the sound,

To draw me ever higher.

Realizing now I was no longer bound,

To life’s tragic mire.


Turning my gaze I focused instead,

Onto grace shining so bright.

Knowing I had nothing to dread,

I rose towards God’s golden light.


Above in the brightness I thought I did see,

Faces of familiarity past.

Family and friends smiling my way,

A warmness it did cast.


I did not turn back for those I did leave,

Would carry on without.

And one day soon I would see them again,

In Heaven without a doubt.