Angel Wings

My white angel wing coat wrapped around me,

holding my arms crossed against my chest. So gentle, so soft, so

restricting. What? Nothing.


Soft and gentle, like the touch of the woman I loved.

She was as beautiful as the mid-day sun.

I’d been waiting years to tell her, waiting for so long;



She’d met someone new, and taken a fancy to him.

But no, that was impossible, how could that happen?

I must have imagined it, never mind.


I met her in the park one day, amidst the spring sun.

I confessed love for her the likes of which I had not known before.

She replied, her words pouring over me, I could hardly contain my breath,

and something . . . wasn’t right. It itched in the back of my–

No no no nothing was wrong continue on.


And so I told her the plan, to leave this place, to run far away;

to see the great places of the world together and fall ever so deeply in love

“That’s why they keep me locked up and hopped up, in a room of mattresses, behind concrete walls.”

that we could never dig ourselves back out.

She told me sweet words and her soft hand caressed my face–

I could scarcely hear her.

I smiled a leering smile and a gleam took over my eyes, as I looked into hers.

So red.

Wait what was that? Nothing, the story isn’t over yet . . .


I bought the ticket and hopped on the plane,

I smiled to the passengers, passed them and packed my bag,

running red, into the seat next to me.

I smiled, and sat alone waiting for the plane to take off.

Oh what a joyous occasion it was finally happening! I said,

Brushing the bag beside me.


That’s why they keep me locked up and hopped up,

in a room of mattresses, behind concrete walls,

with my jacket of angel wings.