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Why I’m Staying For Graduation Even Though I’m Not Graduating Yet

Photo of Kristen Jameson, Photo By Caitlin Horan

Last spring, I stayed for graduation even though I was only a sophomore. I stayed because I had some friends graduating and they convinced me a few more days at school wouldn’t hurt me because it was summer and I would be going home on vacation anyway. I’m very glad I ended up staying because I had a great weekend with some friends that I barely get to see anymore. This spring I will also be staying for graduation again even though I am a junior now and still have one more year before it’s my turn to graduate.

Most students are eager to be done with exams and head home for the summer. They are tired of being around the same people and they’re ready to go home to their families and homemade meals. I believe that sticking around for graduation is worth the sacrifice of a few extra days at home. It can be a hard decision choosing to stay at first because you just want to get home and think about summer and not having to do schoolwork or being anywhere near school. However, if you do stay you will find out that it was worth your time.

There are a bunch of families of the graduating students that come up for the whole weekend and it’s nice meeting everyone’s parents and siblings. Getting to hear stories from your friends’ childhoods and how or where they grew up is funny and interesting. Another perk of staying for graduation is the cookouts that everyone has all around at different apartments and houses. There’s a lot of food and desserts around everywhere and everyone is in a great mood because the parents are happy and proud of their kids graduating and the kids are happy and proud of themselves for graduating.

I couldn’t imagine not sticking around for graduation anymore. It’s something I’m looking forward to but also sad about because some of my best friends will be graduating this year. It’s a melancholy time celebrating graduation but it’s worth staying the extra few days and postponing the end of school year spring drive home for the summer.