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Being Confident

Walking across campus, going out on a Friday night with some friends, or giving a presentation in front of classmates all are very different activities. However, they share something similar which is confidence. All of these things and more take confidence to not just fulfill them but fulfill them well.

“The important thing is to stay confident in yourself.”

It can be intimidating walking across campus to different classes, back and forth from your home, especially if you’re a freshman.. Even if you’re not a freshman but an upperclassman it can still make you feel tense and uncomfortable at least at certain times. The thing to remember about being confident is that everyone around you is going through the same thing you are.

Questioning if they should call somebody, or staring down at their phone on the way to class if they don’t have anyone to talk  walk with, wondering if their outfit is good enough for going out to a restaurant on a Friday night, and if they look decent, or if their presentation is up to standards and if they can deliver it without stuttering or stumbling on a word or two. Everyone gets nervous and doesn’t feel confident at some point in their life. The trick is to remember that you’re not alone. You’re sharing that feeling with so many other people surrounding you or not, others feel the same way you do.

People will understand how you’re feeling walking to class, staring off into space and just thinking, if people will like your outfit you decide to wear out on that Friday night, and people will feel your pain if you slip up in your presentation to the class because these things happen to everyone. We’re all human and make mistakes or go through embarrassing moments, it’s a way of life. The important thing is to stay confident in yourself and that will get you through whatever it is you’re going through or over-thinking in your head. Confidence is key!