Whim Welcomes the New School Year

Hello everyone, and welcome to an exciting new year at Radford University! I hope that you all have had a fantastic summer, and an enjoyable first couple of weeks. With classes back in session and the summer beginning to die down, I am excited to start a brand new year with Whim, and bring to the Radford community exciting new stories and works of literature.

ruAs this is my first year as Editor-in-Chief, I look forward to growing alongside all of you. Everything that we learn, everything that we experience—it matters, and prepares us for what is to come. From stories of life on campus, to the newest technological advances, to beautiful works of art and poetry, I am excited to see all of the new material to be submitted to Whim this year, and to bring it to the Radford University community at large.

Once again, welcome to Whim, the online magazine published by Radford students, for Radford students. If you have something you wish to see on this website, do not hesitate to share—every article matters. Let’s get this great year started!