Get Involved!

Are you tired of sitting in bed watching reruns of Friends every night? I understand if you say no. However, if you said yes, this is the article for you! It is time for you to get up and get involved. I know, I know, it’s scary to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Well, it is time to do some pushing, and you won’t regret it!

“You need to start conversations with the people there.”

Last year, when I was a freshman in University 100, I was required to go to the club fair and get signatures from different tables. Ugh. My worst nightmare: socializing. I went from table to table, becoming more and more awkward by the second. That is until I came across a table for a Christian sorority, Sigma Alpha Omega (SAO). Suddenly, the awkward went away. I knew at that moment that I needed to join this group. Flash-forward two semesters later, and here I am with the best friends a girl could ask for and involved in things I love and take pride in! Being a sister in SAO also got me involved in other groups, like the Radford University Chi Alpha campus ministry.

Alright, so that’s great and all, but now let’s talk about how you can get involved.  This is the uncomfortable part, but trust me when I say that once you find that group, it is worth every awkward moment. Talk! You need to talk to the groups that have tables out on the Bonnie Plaza. Ask them how they got started in the club and see how that club has shaped their lives. They will be glad to answer. Ask to be added to their email list. A lot of clubs have email lists to inform their members about what events are happening and when there will be meetings.

The next step is going to those meetings. What was the point of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone if you don’t show up? When I say go to the meetings, I don’t mean get there right before it starts and slip out the back as soon as it ends. You need to start conversations with the people there. When I started going to SAO events, I asked a couple girls to go to a football game with me. Today, they are my best friends. You never know what starting a conversation will lead to.

Now here is some homework for you. Next time you see a club table that piques your interest, don’t just walk by. Engage in a conversation with them. You never know where a small conversation will lead. It might just change your life.