More Than Parties

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Radford University . . . now take a moment and think of what comes to mind when you hear about this college. Is there one standout thought that you think when it comes to this school? Probably. And that thought is most likely not “academics.” But how much more is there to this university?

The very first thing I heard about Radford was, yes, its reputation over the weekends. But now, as a student, I have seen Radford for more than what it is mainly talked about. There’s a lot to hear about this university and it doesn’t include our Spartan-strength weekend warriors. There is a community at Radford where two people throwing a football out on the quad can turn into a full game. Radford has some excellent students in prestigious programs. There’s research being done by students here that hasn’t even been attempted before. Students do research here that gets presented nationally and travel internationally to work in their career fields.

All I have ever heard about Radford was the parties, but no one told me that it offered opportunities and programs to be plugged into. You wouldn’t think there are ministries on campus that are worshiping and praying for this university, but there are. Chi Alpha, a ministry on campus, had 45 students go on a Christian retreat where 14 got baptized. There’s so much more to Radford than parties, which is something that students do at every university, no matter if it’s Virginia Tech or Liberty. People have failed to hear or think that Radford has academics, faith, and the potential makings of a kid’s future at this campus. Students can leave this school successful and ready to make a contribution or an impact on this world. One bad thing that’s not what it once used to be shouldn’t be the sole thing that this university is renowned for.