The Hypocrisy of “Black Lives Matter”


When the Black Lives Matter movement started, there was a sense of self righteousness and maybe even some form of misguided purpose. A line was drawn and cops were suddenly seen as the enemies for oppressing poor black communities with violence and blatant racism.

But this narrative is just a string of lies pulled together by apologists and radical ideologists. It has warped the vision of so many that even a video of Michael Brown, an apparent “victim” of racism, robbing a convenience store is disregarded and seen as heresy. Even when an autopsy report shows that the first shot was fired inside a Police officer’s vehicle, the information is disregarded. When witnesses claim that he apparently had his “hands up”—which has been proven to be false—we claim this specific knowledge to be fact.


- Photo from Freedom Daily
A protester kneels before a ruined street – Photo from Freedom Daily


And it doesn’t matter what you show these people as they all seem to turn a blind eye. Whether it be a march of their movement chanting “What do we want?” and continuing with “Dead Cops,” or when Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder Yusra Khogali tweeted “Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today. Plz plz plz,” it is merely brushed to the side by BLM representative Khogali with nonsensical points and irrelevant claims of racism.

In 2015 The Washington Post created a database of police shootings in the nation. Nine hundred ninety-one people were shot dead over the course of that year. Out of all of those deaths only 93 were unarmed. Out of those 93, 34 were attacks in progress. Out of those remaining 59, only 34 were black people. 42 police officers were shot and killed in 2015 but apparently BlackLivesMatter is pioneering the grounds of social justice and BlueLivesMatter is something hateful.

I personally am sick of these calls for “justice” and screams for racism with no real plan of action—just buzzwords and riots to fuel the apparent divide in the nation. Excuses for crimes and justification for cop hating.



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