Saving Money in College

Let’s be honest, college is super expensive! Basically, it costs money just to breathe. We probably have all had times when we’ve had to call our parents, begging them to transfer some money in our account. Well, worry no more! Here are a few ways to save money while getting your degree.

  • Don’t eat out all the time!

I am very guilty of this. My friends and I find every opportunity possible to go to Roca’s or Cracker Barrel. However, going out can be very expensive. If you have a meal plan, use it! You are already paying for it so do not let it go to waste! Buy your friends who live off campus food, too! If you have to go out to eat, consider your options. Cookout is a lot more affordable than Red Lobster.

  • Consider your options when looking for entertainment.
“You can get five shirts at Goodwill for the price of one anywhere else.”….photo retrieved from:

You do not have to go the movies every Friday. In fact, it can be way more fun to watch and make fun of cheesy romance movies! Go to the Dollar Tree, pick up some cheap candy and watch Netflix! This is even more fun because there is no one there to tell you to be quiet!

  • Wait to do your laundry until when you have a full load.

It’s tempting to keep washing your favorite pair of jeans but you will save a lot of money if you wait until you have a full load. Make sure to save all of your spare change because laundry is expensive!

  • Take the transit.

The bus transit is there for a reason and free for all students with your student ID. Be sure to take advantage of it whenever possible. The transit goes many places so it is not necessary to always use your car. Save money on gas!

  • Shop Goodwill!

You can get five shirts at Goodwill for the price of one anywhere else. You just have to search for the good stuff; I have gotten everything from Calvin Klein to Michael Kors at thrift stores around the area. You don’t have to break the bank to look stylish! Take it from a Fashion Merchandising major.