34 Thoughts you Have When You Go to the Gym

With everyone trying to get fit this year (and every year), going to the gym is a crucial part of the get-healthy equation. Sometimes going to the  gym can be such a drag and let’s be honest, getting there is half the battle but once we do get there and get our workout in, the feeling is so rewarding. This post is dedicated to all the thoughts we have in between getting to the gym and leaving.


  1. Okay, I made it here, now I have to go in.
  2. Wow, everyone here looks like they live here.
  3. I don’t belong, I should just go home.
  4. Or to Taco Bell… yes, Taco Bell sounds very good.
  5. No, I have to stay, the front desk person already saw me.
  6. Gonna start with something easy, like the treadmill.
  7. Okay, onto equipment and weights.
  8. Am I doing this right?
  9. I’m not doing this right.
  10. Oh my goodness, everyone is looking at me.
  11. Taco Bell sounds really good right now.
  12. Good, I’m starting to sweat, that means this is working.
  14. How many reps of these am I supposed to do?
  15. Let’s set the weight to 90 lbs.
  16. Nope, down to 50 lbs.
  17. Oh, he’s cute.
    “8. Am I doing this right?”…photo retrieved from: www.funnyasduck.net
  18. He probably thinks I look like a whale on this machine.
  19. Screw him, I look hot and fit.
  20. What am I doing, I don’t even know him.
  21. How many reps am I supposed to do?
  22. How many is in a rep?
  23. What is a rep?
  24. Why am I even here?
  25. I like this machine.
  26. I’m going to stay on this machine all night.
  27. This is my machine.
  28. Okay, I should probably move to another machine.
  29. Why are people still looking at me?
  30. Have my abs formed yet?
  31. Okay, I’ve spent enough time here.
  32. Wow, I actually feel good about myself.
  33. I’m definitely coming back tomorrow.
  34. I’m going to Taco Bell.