Seven New Year’s Resolutions Most Girls Have Made

“I’m going to work out more.”

We’re a little more than halfway through January now and we all know what that means – New Year’s resolutions! We have all made resolutions (whether we have kept them is another story entirely). Here is a list of common New Year’s resolutions, especially if you’re a girl. Hey, you might find one or two on here that you’ve made!

“I’m going to work out more.”

Whether we’ve phrased it as “get fit” or “go to the gym,” we have all made this resolution. But why go to the gym when you can go to Buffalo Wild Wings? Do the carrots and celery that come with my chicken wings count as being healthy?

  1. “I’m going to budget my money better.”

Of course you are…after you hit up that sale at Victoria’s Secret, and Bath & Body Works…and Target.

“My grades are going to come first this semester.”

“We have all made resolutions (whether we have kept them is another story entirely).” Photo from:

One of my personal favorites. We all have good intentions when it comes to our grades, but binge watching a whole season of Friends on Netflix is so much easier than typing that paper for Economics.

4. “I’m going to read more.”

Again, why read when there’s Netflix?

  1. “I’m going to learn a new skill.”

If that new skill is watching Netflix without having to press “continue watching,” then sign me up.

  1. “I’m going to be more productive.”

We all say this, and then all of a sudden it’s 5 p.m. and we’ve only left the couch to use the restroom.

  1. “I’m not going to wear leggings every day this year.”

Haha, okay.

Have you made any of the resolutions on the list? Did you keep them? If you did, kudos to you! And if not, better luck next year!