Campus Starbucks Swap

Radford University has recently finished completing its new Humanities building, nicknamed CHuBS (College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences). It is a well-designed building with lots of great amenities and houses the recently moved Starbucks, which used to be located in the Bonnie. This is an interesting switch, with many pros and cons.

“The on-campus Starbucks can now accommodate its rather large clientele in a much better fashion than it used to.” Photo

On one hand, Starbucks’ current location was obviously designed for it. It is a much larger space that allows people to have more freedom and breathing room than they did in the previous location. The on-campus Starbucks can now accommodate its rather large clientele in a much better fashion than it used to. It has better seating arrangements and furniture as well. The tables are much larger, with more seats (obviously), and there are even two fairly large areas with couches and love seats, great for lounging and relaxing. Even the counter and work area is much larger and better equipped, which makes the lives of the hardworking employees less difficult, allowing them to handle the large number of customers they help on a daily basis more easily. The storage area is also bigger and better, allowing Starbucks to sell food now as well, instead of just coffee and small pastries.

But there are a few down sides to the new location as well. Primarily, it is out of the way, tucked into a corner of campus and nowhere near many of the buildings that hold classes. While admittedly it is located inside a building that holds many classes itself, CHuBS is still only one of the many colleges that Radford University has. The next closest building that holds classes is Reed/Curie Hall, and the McConnell library is between those two. It isn’t convenient or really feasible for students to grab a drink or a quick meal between classes from Starbucks because of this distance. Even if they have an hour break between classes or if they leave early to go to Starbucks before class, it is still a significant detour to go there.

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