Hammocking 101

Note: This article was written in a hammock.

The weather in Radford has been as unpredictable as ever. A couple weeks ago, it was freezing, with cutting wind and snow flurries. This past weekend has brought some sunnier weather, and with it, college students with cabin fever, lured outside to enjoy the warm weather and a break from usual February temperatures. You’ve probably seen plenty of people in hammocks (or hammockers) in some of the trees lining Moffet Quad or in other trees on campus. If you don’t have a hammock and are thinking about getting one, here’s some hammock info.


It works best to hang your hammock from two trees, but if you find a big tree with long, strong, low-hanging branches, you can loop your straps over the same branch and hang it from just a single branch.


“They are comfortable, durable, portable, and come in a variety of different colors – photo from

Eno (not Enu, and it stands for Eagle Nest Outfitters) is a popular brand of hammock. They are comfortable, durable, portable and come in a bunch of different colors. There are two different sizes: Singlenest and Doublenest. They are somewhat pricey, however. The Singlenest on the Eno website is $60 and the Doublenest is $70. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, there are several other less-expensive brands that are about the same quality as Eno. Consider though that off-brand hammocks usually come with strings instead of straps. You have to tie and knot these strings yourself and they are usually not very long. If you are thinking about getting an off-brand hammock, getting straps to go with it makes setting up your hammock a lot simpler and faster.


Eno has its own brand of straps with different options that are easy to use and don’t require tying any knots. The Slapstraps are the simplest straps, with eight adjustment points/loops. They are about $20 on the Eno website. An upgrade option are the Atlas straps, which are longer, have 30 adjustment points, and cost about $30. Extra-long straps are also available and cost about $40 on the website. To hang your hammock using straps, loop the straps around the tree and then through the loop at the end of the strap. Finally, select the adjustment loop you want to hang your hammock from.

Happy Hammocking!