Ghost infestations: How to deal with hauntings

Want to learn how to deal with ghosts? Graphic by Marie Stovall.

It’s pretty obvious that ghosts exist in our world today. There’s proof all around us. People have videos of ghosts that walk the earth, we can hear them and sometimes we can even see them. So how can we explain this phenomenon? It’s not something that’s a huge concern in our world today, but some people don’t pay as much mind to it as they should. We need to know who’s telling the truth and who’s just making it up for attention out of those around us who claim they can see ghosts.

When a person claims that he or she has seen a ghost, usually they’re making it up, and here’s why: if you’re sleeping in the middle of the night and you suddenly start hearing voices, or if you get up to get a midnight snack and see a figure walk through your living room, is it really something you’d want to tell anyone about? People will tell you you’re crazy, you’ll be sent to see therapists and you may end up in a mental institution because nobody will believe you. Here’s the thing, you’re smart enough to know that. So you keep it to yourself, and you know that you have to deal with it yourself. People who go around claiming they’ve seen ghosts are usually lonely people who don’t have a lot of friends anyway. They just do it to get attention. If they go and tell the wrong people, however, it will probably get them in trouble. And when they’re sent to see a therapist, the therapist will end up telling them exactly why they think they can see ghosts.

So, if you’re smart, and you know not to tell anyone that you think there are ghosts in your house, what should you do? The Ghostbusters,” as they are called in the movies, aren’t really there to come to your rescue. You could call the ghost hunters from SyFy, but it might take them weeks or even months to get back to you since they are celebrities, so it’s best to take matters into your own hands. The first thing to understand about ghosts is that they’re souls that can’t go on. You need to know why they can’t go on. It either means that the reason God put them on this earth has not yet been achieved, or they refuse to actually accept that they’re dead, so they deny it and remain on earth, convinced that they haven’t actually died yet.

In either case, it’s pretty hard to communicate with them, but you either have to find out what their purpose in life was or you have to make them accept that they’re dead. The only way to find out what their purpose in life was is to ask them what they were doing when they died, and then try to find out how they died. If there’s any way you can complete what they were trying to do, you should, and then they’ll leave you in peace. If it’s not something you can do, then you need to find out who can do it. In the cases when a soul refuses to accept that they’re dead, the only real way to make them see that is to tell them that you think they’re dead. In a sense, you have to think like a therapist and make them see that it’s time for them to move on, using whatever communication skills you think are necessary.

So after you come to understand this, you can make any ghost move on and leave you in peace. However, communicating with spirits can be a very messy buisness, and often it can drive people mad. So if you think there might be ghosts in your home, and you don’t want to risk losing your sanity, the best thing to do might just be to find a new home and go somewhere where you’ll be left alone. Communicating with ghosts is definitely not for everyone.

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