Humans of Radford University

I’m a transfer student, so this is my first year at Radford. I’m technically a senior due to credits, but a junior, according to time. I’m from Roanoke, so I’m not from far away, but I think getting out of the house, getting away from my parents, getting away from the kind of life I was living there—which wasn’t bad— just I’m naturally an introvert, and, in some ways, don’t really like talking to people, so it was really hard for me to get involved in relationships with people. Once I came here and became a part of CO (Campus Outreach) and Christ Church, it was really helpful, and everything began forming as one unit and I started having a lot of those relationships that were consistent, and I grew to become more comfortable around other people and enjoyed getting to know people. Not just in conversation or spending time, but actually getting to know people in depth. Overall, living in Radford rather than Roanoke really helped me with that. Just constantly being around the same kind of people helps with those relationships.