Need to stuff your face; Facebook introduces food orders on app

For years now, Facebook has been the place to update your status to let your friends know that you are hungry even through they don’t care but now you can order food straight from the app.

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The social media mammoth is expanding the ability to order food for takeout or delivery straight from the app.

However, Facebook will not be dealing with restaurants and they actually will be sending you over to another delivery website/app like,  DoorDash, and ChowNow. They will also have links to restaurants near you like Papa Johns.

In order to stay relevant in this golden age of social media, Facebook is launching these features to be as useful as possible.  Facebook currently has over 2 billion users and owns social media websites Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

To assess the new feature, go to the “Order Food” section in the Explore menu. Select this to start your order, if the restaurant offers takeout or delivery with multiple services, you can choose which one that you like to use. You can even ask your friends and order food for them.

Facebook has been testing multiple services this past year and that included AI that was shut down due to the AI “learning” its own language.