Flip Phones are coming back

Once, there was a time when everyone had a flip phone.—that is, until Steve Jobs and Apple changed the world with the iPhone. In recent years, however, smartphones are more and more becoming the same thing: a device with a unbelievable camera and tons of features you will most likely never use.

Now, ZTE wants to change nnthat, and they have competition from Samsung for title of first flip smartphone.

The Axon M which is basically two 1080p screens combined to make one phone was introduced on October 17.

Aton M, photo from cnet.com
Aton M, photo from cnet.com

Chief Executive of ZTE, Lixin Cheng felt there was a problem with current crop of phones on the market. “Screen sizes simply can’t keep up with everthing users want to use their phones for,” he said.

The screens can be used in a number of different ways. The user can use the screens as just one big screen or the user can have two apps running at the same time on two different screens.

ZTE has broken barriers in the smartphone business before. They were the first company to introduce an all glass design, 3D touch and dual front-facing cameras.

All these features however were popularized by the two top dogs of the industry, Apple and Samsung.

Samsung recently had released and flip phone with a touch screen but will plan to make a smartphone with a foldable display.

The ZTE Aton M will only be an AT&T exclusive phone and prices will start at $725.