Control – Part 1

“You’re jealous.”

Adrien scoffed. Rain beat down outside. The fireplace set everything in a shadowy, ethereal light.

The only human allowed in Marius’s covenant settled himself on the couch. The juice box of the night waddled upstairs. Her pretty, long blonde hair following behind her like a bridal train. All sweet and virginal. Walking without protest into a den of snapping teeth.

Adrien thumbed at his prayer beads. “Jealous? She’s going to be consumed and broken down. If you don’t kill her, you’ll just dump her somewhere and she won’t remember a thing.”

But there was an intimacy and intricacy in the feeding. The skin would break cleanly under the teeth. Piping hot blood would spill out directly from the source, coating the throat of the feeder.

Any conviction the meal possessed melted away. In that instant, they were not in control of their own bodies—they belonged to the leech feeding from them.

Adrien would be lying if he said he hadn’t thought about letting Marius drink from him. The idea of Marius’s teeth in his neck while his hands wandered elsewhere. The idea of nourishing him, of being the sole point of his attention.

Photo from Pinterest
“Isn’t self-sacrifice one of your kinks?” – Photo from Pinterest

It did things to him it really shouldn’t.

“I wouldn’t have to, if you’d give me what I want.”

Adrien cut his eyes, “You’re disgusting.”

“Isn’t self-sacrifice one of your kinks?” And suddenly Marius was too close. And he was holding Adrien’s face with gentle reverence.

It was a trap of course. Marius was slippery.

Adrien was food to him. Plain and simple. A luxury food, a virgin sacrifice. He would do what he could to get it.

Those cerulean blue eyes were piercing through him, begging him to look up. It was a game now, to see if Adrien would allow himself to be hypnotized.

“Just a taste of your red, baby boy,” A soft whisper in his ear, trying to lull him into a false sense of security, “That’s all I want.”

A surge of heat ran through Adrien’s body. The feeling of hot breath ghosting over his skin sent every nerve alight. It petrified him. Lust was a powerful emotion. One that ruined lives and leveled cities to their knees. It stole the air from his lungs.

To be continued.