Twitter Introduces New Changes and Updates

You are finally out of the dark ages of running out of space to type your longwinded tweet on Twitter. There’s more room now to get your message out there and yes, a chance of fewer tweets from President Trump.

The 280 character system had been in beta since September. Only a small group of users got the privilege to test the system  while most celebrities and even the president didn’t  get the honor to test it.

 An example of Twitter's old character limit of 140 and the new limit of 280; photo from
An example of Twitter’s old character limit of 140 and the new limit of 280; photo from

On Tuesday, November 7th, Twitter announced that users in almost 40 different languages would get the 280 character limit.  Later in that evening, everyone got the new limit.

Interestingly, after the new 280 character limit was released to the beta group, only 5% of tweets went above the original limit of 140 characters while  just only 2% of tweets went over 190 characters.

The testers argued that instead of adding more characters, Twitter should be more worried about the content of the tweets.

Just last week, Twitter updated their rules to be more straight forward in the definitions and policies towards harassment, threats, and adult content.

If you are suspended under these rules, you now will get a email telling you why your account has been suspended.

These rules were implemented after Rose McGowan’s account was suspended for violating policy as some thought she was suspended for tweeting about the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Twitter responded to these rumors, stating that McGowan was suspended for posting someone’s phone number.

Lastly, Twitter has increased the character limit for usernames from 20 to 50.