How to Handle the Black Friday Rush

It’s the best time of the year to find those deals and to get away from the family during the Thanksgiving Break; it’s Black Friday (or Black Thursday, just depends on the store). Here are some ways to make your shopping more enjoyable.

Make your spending budget right now!

You can’t just go into the store and buy whatever you want. You’ve got to remember that you are either taking care of a family or going to college (hopefully it’s here at Radford).  You don’t have the pockets of Bill Gates or of our current president, Donald Trump. So get what you really want for yourself or what you need to finish the Christmas list (put the Christmas list first, Mom and Dad will love your gift of a new coffee machine).

Maybe just stay on the sidelines and wait until Cyber Monday

Black Friday is not good for your health, especially with all of the tramping on people and that good stuff. So, staying at home doesn’t look all that bad. Especially when you can get the same deals on Amazon and you  don’t have to travel to Walmart to get tramped on.

Get ready to see these crowds on Black Friday; photo from
Get ready to see these crowds on Black Friday; photo from

If you go out to the stores, create a plan

If you are one of those brave souls that goes out to the stores on Black Friday, may I for one, wish you good luck. The second thing would be to create a game plan and practice (Practice? We talkin about practice- Allen Iverson) your plan. Okay, you don’t have to practice but try to create a plan to avoid the crowds as much as you can.

It’s not the end of the world if you miss out on Black Friday

If you do miss out on the madness, no worries. You still have Cyber Monday and deals before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Of course, you will miss out on doorbusters but you will still find great deals throughout the holiday season. Don’t forget to support your local businesses on Saturday, the day after Black Friday.

Finally, just remember to take your wallet to the store and have fun shopping for that TV that’s going to be outdated in two months.