Control – Part 2

Photo from Pinterest
“Was it ever really about blood in the first place?” – Photo from Pinterest

“If I gave you what you wanted, you’d stop seeing me. I wouldn’t be of any use to you.”

Fingers traced his jugular vein. He felt a smile against his hair. “We still talking about your blood?”

“Was it ever really about my blood in the first place?”

Marius buried his face fully into the crook of his neck, mouthing against his pulse point. Adrien gasped at the suddenness. He cradled Marius’s skull, fingers tangling in blond hair.

“Don’t you dare…” Adrien trailed off. A chuckle. Marius’s tongue lavished a particularly sensitive spot.

He was hard. Pathetically and shamefully hard. The body’s natural response to such stimulus. But Adrien thought he was beyond matters of the flesh now.

Flashes of prayer and God and Mother Mary swam to his mind, but all he could think about was Marius’s mouth, dangerously close to an artery. Marius’s hand, slowly moving up his inner thigh.

“Get…get off me, Marius.”

“Hm.” He kissed his cheek. “But you’re hard.”


Marius sighed and slid off the couch. He turned to leave, probably to attend to his most recent bedfellow.

Adrien sliced his finger on a letter opener left on the side table.

Small droplets of crimson stained silver. Adrien risked a glance at his host, the offending weapon still in his hand.

Marius had stopped moving completely. His shoulders were squared, his back tense. His body shook with barely held restraint.


“You really shouldn’t leave sharp things out like that,” said the theocratic scholar. “People get hurt that way.”

The beast was crouching between his feet, snarling. Never had his eyes burned this brightly at the sight of blood. He took Adrien’s wrist with a shaking hand.

No drop of blood was wasted. Marius’s tongue caressed the wound, cleaning it up while urging more out. Teeth grazed against his fingertip.

He could feel a part of himself dripping into Marius. Now he belonged to the vampire. Now the vampire belonged to him.

Slowly, he allowed the digit to leave his mouth. Marius’s pupils were dilated. He licked his lips.

“That wasn’t enough,” he whispered. “There’s no way you couldn’t have known…the way you taste…”

“That’s all you’re getting.” Adrien swallowed thickly. Marius rose up from his haunches.

He was gone when Adrien blinked.