The Line of Gemini – Part 3

“A solar eclipse, well, no one’s seen one of those in ages,” Sunny’s mom was saying to her. “I would like to go but there’s so much work to be done here. Oh, there you are, Eli and Todd.” She looked down.

“So, do you want to go, Tod?” Sunny said, hoping he would say no.

“Uh, I have to.” He paused. Sunny had sounded anxious – he wasn’t sure if that was because she really wanted him to come or it was in fact the polar opposite. “Eli is making me, whether you guys like it or not.”

Sunny and her parents stared at Eli. Sunny’s eyebrow was raised, and she was scrunching her face up to allow for the most judgmental look possible. Her mother was shaking her head, and her father was about to say something, lifting a finger.

Tod looked at the ground, wishing he’d told Eli that he wasn’t going to come. But he knew Eli. He’d force him into it somehow, and getting into a fight with the guy wasn’t on his to-do list, and wouldn’t be, ever. Ever again, at least.

“Don’t worry about Tod; he’ll be fine,” Eli said. “I’d do anything for him.”

Sunny pouted. “Why? You just met like two weeks ago.”

“No.” Eli blushed. Todd smirked, just glad that Eli had to make up the lie about them this time and not him.

“Actually, we met a while ago, um, in an orphanage,” Eli said, fumbling over his words. When he finished, he shot an annoyed glance at Todd.

For the first time, since Sunny had met him (also two weeks ago, by the way) he sounded uncertain. A twinge of hope stirred in her chest. She liked uncertain Eli. Heck, she just liked Eli. He was like no guy she’d ever seen before. He reminded her of an angel, with white blonde hair and high cheekbones and eyes the color of water.

“No way.” She did not believe that. “Let’s talk about it more in the car.”

The boys followed dutifully after her.

“Wait, just a minute,” her father said. When they showed no sign of stopping, he sighed. “Drive safe. And call us when you get there.”