Bill Gates offers $50 million to Alzhemier’s research

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft can have everything he wants in this world. Being the second richest man in the world does that for you but Gates knows that he doesn’t have everything he wants.

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Gates’ family has had a history of Alzheimer’s Disease and because of that, Gates will be donating $50 million out of his pocket into the Dementia Discovery Fund, a private-public partnership devoted to finding what drives a brain disease and that includes looking at a brain cell’s immune system.

He knows the financial and mental destruction it can have on families. Gates’ family will never have to deal with the financial burden that many others will have to deal with.

“I’m a huge believer in that science and innovation are going to solve most of the tough problems over time,” Gates said with optimism.

Gates already has a foundation but their mission is focused primarily on infectious diseases like HIV, malaria, and polio. Most of diseases are centered currently in third-world countries.

Gates knows the process to find a cure has gone slower than we had hoped for and he’s right. Since 2002, there has been over 400 different drug trials ran and none of them can be used for treatment. There’s some drugs that are prescribed to help with cognitive symptoms that are associated with Alzheimer’s but none actually help fight it.

Currently, there is 5 million Americans that live with the disease, at cost of $259 billion. Without any treatment or cure, those numbers will triple by 2050.

With his donation, Gates has hopes to spur research into more novel ideas about the disease. He believes that out-of-the-box thinking with mainstream will lead to potential treatments in the future.

Gates has fears of developing the disease, but that’s not going to stop him from living his life. By staying active with his “perfect’ job, and “meeting new people everyday.” “You know, I have most fun job in the world,” Gates said with a smile.